Day 2

The noise in the hostels begins around 0530. It starts with sound of zips being opened in rucksacks and washbags. Each zip appears to have its own annoying frequency.

Then the electronic alarm clocks start. Never two the same so it sounds like some demented Swiss clockmakers workshop.

Today we were on the road by 0630 .The 1st village was Burguete. There was a lovely little stone cross in some woods. Unfortunately its history was not so lovely.

It was put there to protect the locals from witches. In the 16th century Navarre in general and Burguete in particular had a nice little witch finder industry going. in 1525 they burned five women in the town square.

They did it on a public holiday just so they could make sure the kids could come along,

But that didn´t shock me, No. It was the photos in the town musuem of local macho Basque men leaping around in Morris men costumes. Ony looking slightly more ridiculous. If that were possible.

Which it isn’t.

Ok. its 10pm. So time for bed in these parts. I met some internationals. Women hockey players from Ireland who are on the Camino only because they didn’t qualify for the Olympics and the

pain is too much for them to stay at home….


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