Day 4:

Sentries down from the hill sir
They report pilgrims to the south west.
Thousands of them

Which film?


Day 3 To Pamplona

Day 3. Distance to Santiago: 457 miles

You are required to make many sacrifices on The Camino.
But none more onerous than my task today. Last night,together with Alan from Scotland, I consumed far more of the local brew than was sensible.
A sweet tasting pink something that went down easily but left a legacy of an horrendous hangover.
So imagine my joy as the Camino psychos in my room began to rise at 0530.
By 0600 they’d all gone. Leaving me to breakfast alone in the Cafe down the road where Martin Sheen and the crew from The Way had stayed.
That film is the main reason I’m doing this walk. It’s also the reason why I hate Martin Sheen.
So after saying goodbye to the Irish hockey players who are here to escape the pain of not qualifying for the Olympics, I set out on day 3 with a raging hangover. And
passing a wayside cross dedicated to someone who died on the Camino things didn’t improve much

To return to my “sacrifice” I was carrying Alans replica 1978 Scotland world cup shirt he’d left behind.
You remember 1978? The year Scotland were going to “really shake us up” by winning the world cup…” Snicker.
And I had to handle this shirt like someone touching a particularly nasty plague -harbouring piece of cloth.
The reason for the unseemly departure time was the imminent start of the st Fermin festival in Pamplona and the Running of the Bulls.
The municipal hostel has been closed and we were all heading to one 5 k the other side of Pamplona. The fear was we wouldn’t all get in and would have to travel an extra 5 k to the next hostel. A fear that was unfounded as I was about the 5th person to arrive. So that was worth it.
I soon fell in with a celebrity chef from Canada who has two restaurants and his own TV show.
He’s a mate of Heston Blumenthal and knows all the rest of them.

Walking through Pamplona he disappeared into a shop an re-emerged with some ham he declared “the best in the world”
I hope it was because it cost 12 Euros. And he then proceeded to hand it out to all of us
Daniels doing this walk because he’s just turned 50 and wants to “live in the moment ” He’s re- assessing his life.
His wife wanted to come but he said no…he wants to do this alone. Brave man.
So write this in the Albergue (hostel ) garden with the sun blazing. Me and Alan have been sampling a green liqueur distilled locally
I love the Basques
Number if “Buen Caminos” ; 2
Song of the day: The Great Escape march.