Day 5

Ive seen things you people wouldnt believe..


Day 4. 444 miles to Santiago

A mixture of good and bad on the Camino today.

Good: me getting to Puente La reina without tearing an increasingly dodgy right calf muscle.

Good: Getting to the top of Alto Perdon (made famous by The Way) and having a group picture taken with people I´m actually beginning to like.


BAD: Irish Barbara leaving her bag behind. . having it returned to her without the $200 in cash that was inside.

And we are supposed to be pilgrims. lord I wish I could talk to the person who took her cash.


Also Bad: Geraldine and her partner Michael whose dreams are about to implode because his knee wont let him move any further. I met them on the bridge. She was playing her tin whistle in what I thought was a plaintive tone…


and bad: Goodbye to Veronica. yet another Irish pilgrim who had enlived the evening meal but is unable to lie and get any more time off workl.


Good: Me and Scottish Alan still having evening sessions in the bar trying local brews. And Canadian celeb chef Daniel is hanging on in there. Quite a triumvirate.


Today was the start of the St Fermin festrival in Pamplona.


I know that because I was in a bar in a small village and both TV screens were showing live footage of the town square in Pamplona. Full of thousands of pissed young men and women. Just jumping up and down.


That was it. Pissed people jumping up an down..justifying the 24 hour news coverage….how absurd.

Couldn´t see the BBC doing that somehow.  Or maybe…

Drinking in a Basque bar watching this spectacle unfold was a one off.


. Most of my fellow pilgrim had moved on but I wanted to experience this, er, experience .


Although Pamplona was 20 KM  away these guys were well into it. Getting steadily pissed and cheering  – well I dunno what they were cheering but they enjoyed it.


One guy was wearing a white and red rugby shirt (the colours of  Pamplona) only slightly marred by the fact the shirt had a Scottish Saltire on his ample breast.

Well i hope i don´t snore too badly tonight. I knew things went badly last night by the horrible sore throat I had today and the black looks of my dorm companions.


The views today were beautiful.


But sometimes..


It miss a dusty  road  in Derbyshire