Day 6. Little ‘ol wine drinker me

Day 6. Estella to Los arcos.
Miles to Santiago : 419

The main problem today (Sunday) was getting past the wine fountain at the monastery of Irache just outside the lovely town of Estella.
It’s a spout projecting from the wall of the monastry’s winery. And for years it has supplied free wine to passing pilgrims. Yes, you read that right: free wine.
I think the idea is to help refresh the wandering spirit. In fact that’s what the notice on the wall says , apparently. Along with a warning not to abuse it
But it’s free….And I thought “who’s going to see me, half way up a mountain”
So – and im not proud of this – I I filled up a plastic bottle. Only a small bottle. But still ….

It was only after I furtively filled it to the top that I noticed a sign saying the fountain was being monitored on a live webcam.
So there are now probably thousands of people around the world who witnessed my truly appalling wine larceny.
So I walked with a pilgrim from Germany.
Somehow the conversation turned to our favourite film.
I began to wax lyrical about Casablanca.
“I do not know ziss film. Vot is ziss about?”
Not an easy plot line to discuss with a German
“well it’s set during the sec….. during the 1940s….and these two lovers are trying to escape from the Ger…from the enemy ….”
“and vot happens?”
“well the guy from the gestap….from the security services tries to stop them and he gets shot and the lovers make a huge sacrifice and she leaves him to continue the fight against Naz..this national organisation …..

So that’s the plot of Casablanca
For Germans
The other morning I awoke in the gloom (6 am) to find a black something lying on top of my rucksack..
I picked it up and brought it close to my eyes.
It was a woman’s freshly hand washed black lacy thong
As I looked upon it in horror I saw that a young lady (presumably the garments owner) was sitting up in he bed eying me with a look of contempt.
I threw it down and ran out the room.
Hopefully I won’t meet her again


Buen Camino. ……


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