Wise man he say…

Day 7. Los arcos to Logrono
Distance to Santiago : 406 miles

I know I’ve mentioned early risers before but Dear Lord God it was ridiculous today
At 5 am the alarms began their malignant electronic chirping
In the bed next to mine the buzzing went on for 2 minutes before I kicked the creaking bed shouting”Oi your bloody alarm may not be waking you but it is waking me.”
Fat lot of good it did she was Chinese with no English.
So I was last out at 0650.
The walls of my hostel were covered with the semi mystical sayings of a hundred pilgrims
And what utter nonsense
Doing the Camino does not give you the right to spout words of wisdom taken from some manual written by a modern day wizard living in a crystal shop in Glastonbury
There is no sun without shadow and it is essential to know the night….

I know the night all right. Because I can’t bloody sleep here

Example :
A successful man us one who can lay a foundation with bricks that others have thrown at him

No. A successful man throws the brick right back at his attacker’s forehead

And my personal favourite:

Spread happiness : let no one ever come to you without leaving happier

Well im sure that those of you who know me know full well that is how I live my life

Oh gosh it’s almost 10. Time for bed

No of Buen Caminos today: 12

Song of day : Sing a powerful song. The Saw Doctors.


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