Day 9 (tomorrow)

No one got the Blade Runner quote
No one will get this either…
“I won’t be wronged I won’t be insulted and I won’t be laid a hand on. I don’t do these things to other pilgrims and I require the same from them..”


A week is a long time politics but it sometimes feels like an eternity on The Camino

Day 8: Logrono to Najera. 31 km

So far my fellow travellers have been a decent bunch with the notable exception of a Swiss woman who was annoyed with me for talking outside her room at ten minutes to 10. That’s 10 minutes before lights out …

“I need to sleep …guys guys you are on The Camino the Camino ”
As if I didnt bloody know
She was most unpleasant

“lady,” I said

“if you think this is loud just wait til I start snoring…”

I was gratified to see that this mystical wayfarer had the brazen audacity to have her backpack sent ahead with a taxi.

Right now I am writing from the civilised lobby of a private Alburgue (hostel) it still has bunk beds but has polished wooden floors, lovely showers and only 30 pilgrims spread across many rooms.

Unlike the hell hole I was in last night. not enough room to throw a gourd (look it up) Around 90 guests in a couple of rooms.

Spanish youngsters chatting after light out til a rough English voice (not mine ) bellowed “Shuddup!!
And they did
I was so proud .

And some moron had left their alarm going on their phone stuck in a bag. It kept going off every minute for a whole hour.

They reckon that public sector workers are taking the hit in Spain at the moment. You could have fooled me.

Climbing out of the medieval centre of Logrono and through the suburbs I saw loads of them out and about at 7 am. Litter picking, gardening and even mending playground equipment.

And while I’m on the subject how is it that a country like Spain that is not unused to very hot spells is able to use sprinklers on a vast scale so that public green spaces are just that. Green. No hosepipe bans here

Today I walked awhile with young Spaniards Franck and Juan. Both in their early 20s.

Franck is a vet but is leaving Spain to work at a University in Ireland because there are no jobs here.

Juan is a cartographer but is thinking of being a chef. More chance of employment. And he may emigrate as well.

Seems to me this is similar to Ireland in the 1800s. No starvation as such. Just no work.

On that note I’m going out to boost the local bar economy.

Number of Buen Caminos : 12

Song of the day: just a Day; Feeder