Day 11 Friday 13 th july Belorado to Atuaperca 31 km

Everyone has their own tough day on The Camino. This was mine

It began well enough. Walking along a country lane at around 7am I was startled by beautiful fawn bounding through the ripening corn as the sun rose.

A good sign I thought.

It wasn’t.

Within minutes I heard some godawful tinny Eurotrash pop music blaring out. I turned to see an Italian gentleman striding along with music playing on a CD player. Why the hell he couldnt use earphones like everyone else escapes me

He kept pace with me for about a mile and I couldn’t shake him off. My general feeling of tolerance for the foibles of fellow Peregrinos was wearing thin with every stride

Eventually he disappeared. I neither know nor care where to

But for the rest of the day I had it on me

The good and bad thing about The Camino us that you can – if you wish – walk for hours alone. Those of you who know me will appreciate that’s my preferred method of perambulation.

But the downside is you think a lot. Too much at times

So yesterday for some reason I was thinking of all the people ive upset over the years (quite a lot) all those I’ve hurt with a careless word or action. All those ive annoyed for whatever reason (a huge number)

Then after that uplifting hour walking along (albeit beautiful) forest tracks I got thinking about friends Ive let down or never see. And the ones who’ve sadly died

So you can imagine that it was with undisguised joy I finally met Barry the trainee priest and Dan the Only Socialist in America and we could talk about stuff. Anything. Just any conversation to get rid of the echoes in my head.

We’ve formed a loose alliance of about 8 of us heading to the same places at the same time

Last night we pushed in to Atauperca the place where they’ve discovered the oldest human remains in Europe. A million years old if you can credit that

A million years! Seems a long time but if you’ve ever waited for a Spanish er waiter , to come and take your order you’ll realise all things are relative.

Talking of which I must be off for my evening meal.

Song of the Day; the Young and the Hopeless (good Charlotte)
“if I make it through the day will tomorrow be the same..? if I stumble and I fall will I get up and carry on?”


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