On and on and on..

Day 13. Burgos to Hontanas
Distance 33 km

You know that bit in Laurence of Arabia? When someone has fallen off his camel and is trudging mile after mile through the blistering desert sun ?

Well today’s walk was just like that

Admittedly in the Arabian desert you won’t find endless fields of golden wheat and barley or rows of giant wind turbines in the distance

And we didnt go on to liberate Aqaba

But apart from that it was just the same.

for mind numbing tediousness it’s hard to beat The Mesta, that plateau of rich farmland that starts just east of Burgos and seems to go on forever with the occasional fly blown hamlet to break up the monotony.

It was clearly too much of a strain for one would be couple who had met on the Camino

He’d left a note for her under a rock at the top of one of the few hills on The Meseta

It began:”you were right…this wasn’t a short cut…”

Lord knows what sun addled row they got themselves into

It was quite sweet really. He left his number just in case she ever wanted to walk with him again.

Dont hold your breath Pilgrim ..

There are some great New Zealanders on this walk

Two couples. Farmers maybe a little older than me. Pretty straightforward folk. With feet calloused like iron from years of working on the ranch

On the first day in St Jean they made the mistake of booking into one of these “spiritual” hostels

At supper they all had to introduce themselves and explain why they are doing the Camino

They did this while holding an imaginary beach ball…they had to symbolically pass the ball on to the next person

You ever met a New Zealand sheep farmer?

“Ah mate, it was a right load of old b….cks”

Tonight we dined at Hontanas. I’d call it a one horse town. But I didn’t see any horses..

Song of the day

Comfort in Sound: Feeder
(cause there’s nowt else to comfort you on the Meseta )


I know. I know

There is only one track even I can’t get lost here. There is no other road none nothing….I don’t need an arrow!!