Moor trouble

Week 3. Im still standing
Fromista to Carrion de Los Condes

Miles to Santiago: 257

Well Fronista apparently has the best example of a Romanesque church in Europe

That may be so but I never got to have a look inside. It was closed when I got there and closed when I left in the morning. They are almost always closed

Last night we stayed at a municipal hostel. The guy who admitted us was a right miserable git

I booked a breakfast for the princely sum of 2 Euros. It wasn’t worth 10 cents. I had a cup of lukewarm coffee Upon asking for a second he sneered at me and shouted :

“una una” which even i know means “one”

There was a clearly exhausted couple trying to get a lie in(which in these parts means up to 8 am

This guy came up and started shaking their beds to get them to move

I don’t know a fat lot of Spanish or Italian but I’m pretty sure I heard the word ” Badtardo!” hissed after he awoke them too roughly and I concur.

Tonight I’m in the village of Carrion de Los Condes.

I’m in convent with a clearly unhinged doorkeeper (maybe more on that tomorrow)

But this village used to be at the centre if the conflict with the moors. Each year the village would have to supply 100 virgins to placate them

Can you imagine if Nottingham were under threat and had to supply 100 virgins to the enemy?

“So Simeon , you are back from a parley with the enemy..tell us how you have saved our lives with honour…”
“Great news Mayor , the Moors have agreed not to destroy Nottingham if…..

“yea brother Simeon..?

“If we provide 100 Nottingham damsels..”

“Oh righteous day thou has savest Nottingham and thy name will be celebrated amongst…..”



“They want them all to be virgins.

” Simeon. Thou art a prat..”


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