I’ll tell you what I want

Day 26.
Triacastella to Ferreiros 33 km

Something odd has happened to the Fellowship of the Ring as I like to call our group of disparate travellers

I don’t know if it’s the growing belief that we are going to make it to Santiago.

Or the fact that today we passed a marker which told us there is less than 100 km to go

But we were in schoolboy/girl end-of-term mode today

Jokes. And lots of singing

In fact for general silliness we rivalled a group of teenage Spanish girls often heard singing Spice Girls songs and whom we wittily named “The Spice Girls”

At one point Sinead raced to the top of the hill. Hid behind a wall and jumped out at us .. making me choke on my camel back tube

How childish. But funny.

Stop press. Just been taking to a posh English woman who tells me that parts of Lord of the Rings were inspired by Tolkien’s visit to this part of Spain.

Therefore my Fellowship of the Ring reference is justified

Mind you, she also told me she talks to her troublesome knee to keep going

Tonight we stay in the most flyblown (literally) village we have been in yet

It is muck spreading season. And boy can you tell

Danish Aaron and the Americans have being playing a guess the next vehicle Game

Dan said tractor and won

Then Kurt said tractor. And won

Then Aaron guessed tractor pulling trailer of crap. Just for variety. And won

The aulberge here is small cramped and the single beds are jammed together. Tonight I’ll be effectively sleeping with a stranger.

Should be fun



3 thoughts on “I’ll tell you what I want

  1. Dear Bobwalker,

    It sounds like you will conquer the Camino. Fantastic. On Saturday, our diners group decided we too would tackle the Camino. None of us have any information to draw from- I guess two people watching the film “The Way’ isn’t much to go on .We are giving ourselves two years to prepare, some of us are ‘physically challenged.’ But after reading your blog, bed bugs, bears, horrific climbs, fly invested villages… It doesn’t sound like The Canterbury Tales, fascinating stories, quaint little taverns, red wine and exotic food with a leisurely walk to help us to digest it.

    I will continue to read your blog with intense interest.


    1. Hi Beth thanks for your comment. Take everything I say with a pinch of salt! Apart from family events this has been one of the best experiences of my life. Feel free to contact me for any advice. You will love it and love the people you meet. And it was the film that got me interested. I’ve seen pics of shopkeepers in villages with Martin Sheen.

      1. Dear Bob Walker,

        Thank-you for your reply. I have taken action and didn’t tell anyone about my new found information.

        I am encouraging the group to sign up for a 4km fun walk later in August. Followed by the carrot, a nice long pub lunch. The more ‘active’ may go in the competitive section. Talking to the squash player of the group I assured him that he would be expected to run 5km. He said he would, when the crowd was watching.

        I will certainly take up your offer of advice but at this stage we are fairly naiive. I hope the offer has a two year warranty.



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