I have been to the mountain top…

Day 29 I think

Start of week 5

KM to Santiago : fewer than 40

Ok I haven’t actually been to the mountain top.

But tomorrow I will. Monte Gozo. You can see Santiago Cathedral from there. And on Thursday we arrive

Good news today. Sandra (who I stupidly called Barbara on a recent photo) and Vinny – the most uplifting couple I have ever met – have finished the Camino.

I think they did something like 40 km today but are now in a bar in Santiago Which is nice.

Not much to say today. Woke up with hangover. Alan had left door of twin room open. Cleaning lady walks in. Sees me naked on bed. Laughs. (which I thought unnecessary) and walks out

Started and finished with hangover. Walked alone.

Starting to bond with plastic pilgrims. Mellowing a little.

Oh and one thought in My head

I don’t think I’ve ever really finished anything I’ve ever started

But I’m bloody well finishing this


One thought on “I have been to the mountain top…

  1. Hey Bob, I’ve been following your trip and grateful that you have shared it. Enjoy a great celebration in Santiago on Thursday! Larry at Lake Clear

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