And I Have Seen the Promised Land

Day 30.
Arzua to Monte del Gozo

Km left to Santiago at end of day.: 4

The promised land of course being Santiago. We are staying about 4km outside the city in a modern hostel complex which resembles nothing so much as a WW2 prison camp.

It says there are space for 500 pilgrims but we reckon it’s far more. There are bunk houses upon bunk houses each with rooms for 8 people. And that is the exact number of the fellowship

You should be able to see Santiago Cathedral from here but some clown has planted a grove of trees that blocks the view. But you can see the city

There is also a statue here commemorating Pope John Paul’s visit. Looks like something out of the Soviet era. You kind of expect to see it topped with a statue of Lenin

We passed a million steps today. We know this because Kurt the Quiet American has been wearing a pedometer since St John

Ah St John Pied de Port. Is it really more than a month since I pitched up there at 11pm with no bed booked?

Tonight we rest up in this oddly empty pilgrim complex before heading into Santiago early tomorrow.

It will be emotional





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