This is the end……

Last night we ended the Camino with a big boozy dinner and a Camino-related quiz organised by Alan

Kurt and I came last…partly because of my inability to remember the names of any of the towns and villages we passed through

We all had to submit a question. The highlight was American Dan forgetting the answer to his own question which was: in which village did Dan use his sleeping mat for the first and only time and why did he use it?

I didn’t get it either. Which is odd because he used it to smack me across the face when I was snoring…

I said I would give a shout out to everyone who has made this a special experience:

:So thank you to :

First and foremost: My family: Julie, Susie and Rob for letting me disappear for a month of our lives. How many people would do that?

Alan (so many tipico liqueurs, so many brandies and literally a night on the tiles ) Vinny and Sandra (I don’t believe you ever argued..) Dan the Man (cut the cyclists some slack dude ) Laid back Kurt (who has a career in voice work waiting for him) Barry (a map reading course after you are ordained?) Barbara (I will try to do what you told me.) Aaron (a photographic genius who had more reasons than most to quit and go home! but didn’t ) Emma (who struggled along the way long after I would have given up) Owen ( not enough time to finish but will be back I reckon) Maureen from Vancouver (who I met for only an hour but understands more than most why I did this). Christinae from Austria (just a day walking together but one of the best on the Camino) Dutch and Manu (now I know what a Barrio is)
Espe from Spain (thanks for the nuts and teaching me about the church carvings) The Spice Girls (who will never read this but gave us some laughs ) , the two English/Welsh kids who saved the life of Santiago the Dog

And Sinead. One of the toughest cookies I know. But also someone who has become a good friend and someone I will miss terribly.

In fact, to be honest, . I’ll miss them all

It’s been real

Now for that tattoo


3 thoughts on “This is the end……

  1. I’ve really enjoyed following your story. I’ve never even heard of doing this before you posted that little note about your journey on reddit (that is how I found this right?). Now I’m fascinated by the pilgrimage. Thanks for sharing your trip. And I want to see the tattoo.

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