Day 3

Day 3

St Paul’s trail is (usually) way marked with painted red and white flags seen on most European trails
Whenever I see them I feel a great sense of relief.
In fact because there is hardly anyone else on this route (15 km on my own today) I started to greet the markers as old friends and giving them names.
But after a bit names like “Whitey” “Reddy” and “Flaggy” start to get a bit boring.
The marks did me proud today though. Which is just as well because Suleymans sockets seem to have dramatically reduced battery life on my iPhone.

That could be a big issue on some sections. If i disappear without trace then blame the vagaries of the Turkish electrical distribution network.
The route today took me high into the hills along logging trails
It’s too hot. Suleyman told me it us unusually hot. Around 35 in the shade.
I stopped in the village of Sozan where an elderly toothless couple ;well she had a fine set of silver gnashers” invited me in and gave me goats milk.
I know it was goats milk because my farmyard animal impressions eliminated everything else
Leaving Sozan the markers took me to a stream bed. I missed the crossing point and ended up staggering through water and tripping over boulders.
I retraced my steps (imagine my joy) and had to scramble up a steep bank. Totally exhausted.
St. Paul wrote about his trials and tribulations with special reference to rivers and thirst. I think I am bonding with the tent maker from Tarsus.
Tonight I stay in a room at a Fish farm. Looks like the family’s best room and they have let me have it to myself.
After pouring water over myself in the ” shower” room I feel almost human
This is the hardest thing I have ever done
I am desperate for a dusty road in Derbyshire.



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