Prayers in a mosque


2 thoughts on “Prayers in a mosque

  1. Just been catching up on your ramblings, sounds like it will be a very solitary journey. It gets me thinking of my month traveling around turkey in 87. I remember the people being very friendly and losing 10 lbs from walking, and spectacular scenery. Good luck and keep the ramblings coming.

  2. Hi Bob ,
    hope your walk to Adada was good and safe. Mine hab been a little longer by my own fault. After the petrol pump I turned left and ended up in Cesme (maybe it is in your map right sided, on mine it is in the west). So I had to climb over the whole range to reach the Gõk Su river(just 25 km detour), partly on tarmac road, some km’ s bush whaking. Next ten days no mini skirt.
    Today I followed footprints in the river bed. Yours? Or did your thumb pulled you up to the close road? With your heavy backpack is crawling in a river bed,traversing again and again no fun.
    I did the thumbs-up thing in Sipahiler and jumped in a Dolmus….and met the great and the greater Alexander. They finished their trek today in Sutculer. So again two less on the trail. They go diving now,maybe the better therapie to avoid scratches. Regards from both.

    Egirdir is magnificent, all around is water, Nö bushes. Maybe we meet again here. I am sure your hikers thumbs-up will Show you the right was.

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