Second week.

Day 8
Messing about on the water

A rest day today. Much needed
First priority:a decent shave. My first ever proper barber shave

Mustafa took 10 minutes just to work up a decent lather.
All the while local men kept dropping in to use his tweezers to pluck stray hairs from their eyebrows or trim their nostril hair.
Mustafa used a traditional cut throat razor. Very sharp

We chatted about this and that, briefly and in broken English.
Politics came into the conversation.
“”You know there are good Muslims and bad Muslims ,” he said

“Please be one of the good ones, please be one of the good ones,” I silently prayed as the razor scraped my throat.
After the shave he rather decently trimmed my own nostril hair and shoved something that was on fire into my ears… I’m not sure why.

I wonder who first came up with that idea…
“Hey..I know what the customers will like ,”

“Oh no, Ismael, remember that crazy idea to sell beet root juice as a sweet appetizer….”

“No,no listen this one is a winner …after we run that sharp razor over their throats we stick burning cotton wool in their Eh??? Come back man they’ll love it I tell you…”

There are more barber shops than anything else here. And you have to admit the Turkish men are extremely well groomed dudes.
Even the Imam who gave me a lift looked like he was heading out on the town.

As I left there was a cacophony of blaring sirens as a convoy of all the emergency services drove through the street.

Three police cars in front, two ambulances with smiley female staff,a fire tender and some indeterminate all- purpose rescue vehicle.
They headed down the lakeside road, turned around slowly and came back the same way. Even the locals looked bemused

Today I bought a wicked looking shepherd’s knife from a roadside trader. Any vicious sheepdog that comes near me has a fight on its hands

Sorry Susie…it’s your dad or the dog..what can I do?

Or maybe you shouldn’t answer that


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