Crossing Lake Egridir

With Mustafa and his boy



4 thoughts on “Crossing Lake Egridir

  1. Hi Bob, we are back again in Germany and still alive, are you still on tour?
    Warm regards from Simone/ Germany/ LALE Pansyon Egirdir!?!?!

    1. How was your trip? I made it most of the way although ended up getting a dolmus as well! It was tough after crossing the lake….the track went into the water, across cliff faces..tricky climbing….and then there were these dogs…..

      1. Hi, Yes I know we have done all the way up EyĆ¼pler, after that nice village I took the domlmus to Yalvac and Rainer walked the last day.
        I was at the end of my strength, the book description told us 10-hour hike for us on a day that was not for me, but the Travel information was not voted once again!.
        We went to Konya, then what a contrast, only solitude and silence of Muslim pilgrims madness!
        I will still send Kate an email with all the things that were really shit in English and Turkish.

        Now I’m back to work and look into a cold, rainy Germany, yeah!
        Good time wherever you are !


      2. Yes, the dogs, I had a really HAZARDOUS situation, Rainer climbed the rocks two Greek churches, the shepherds were busy with a newborn kids and the dogs only had me in their sights.
        The two male dogs had only me in the offer:
        I already had the headline in mind:
        Silly, German tourist hiking by two shepherds dogs mauled ….

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