Moving on

Farewell then Adana
Sad to leave this city of contrasts
In 1935 there was one Main Street which became a muddy quagmire when it rained.
Well it’s changed a bit.
The traffic is a bad as you’ll see in London
But there are beautiful, well-watered parks with fountains and lakes.
I wandered the grounds of the museum where I chatted with the director and saw some of the best roman statues I’ve ever seen.
There’s a dodgy downtown area – where I naturally stayed – with the occasional sleazy bar full of ladies of questionable repute. Apparently.
But there’s also a more hip, trendy area with decent bars and restaurants. Even, inevitably, an Irish “pub”

It was in one of these I met TJ, a waiter who has a partner and little girl back in Hull.
He spent two years there and tells me Hull City have just been promoted..

He also gave me a brief history lesson if ancient and modern Turkey.
Not sure how many waiters could or would do that back home.

And he tells me a story of Abrahzm Think that’s going to happen a lot in the next few days.

Tonight I’m in Urfa in Kurdish Turkey


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