Wow. Just wow

What a beautiful place. This doesn’t feel like the west any more

I appear to have arrived in the middle if a religious festival because the area around the mosques are packed with families and lovers just strolling around.

And what an area to stroll in. Once again it’s vast arena of greenery, lighted pathways , pools and streams
The main pool alongside one of the mosques is connected to the story of abraham falling to earth when cast into the fire
It’s a couple of hundred yards long well stocked with huge fish
The old city walls and mosques are illuminated tonight. Waking around you come across hidden marble courtyards with yet more ancient buildings

You can smell the spices wafting from the bazaar. It really feels like I’m in the East. Which I am really

But not all the women here have their heads covered . The cafes are full of very glamorous women in western clothes and make up.

It is so beautiful here tonight I’ve literally got goosebumps walking around the place
Only downside is I have no-one to share this with …

I’ve just deliberately walked away from the only Western tourists I’ve seen in nearly 3 weeks.
Will try to explain why later.
I’m not sure it makes sense.





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