Moved by Urfa

They say every town and village here will have a story about Abraham/Ibrahim.
That pool I saw last night is part of the legend.
Abraham was condemned to death and thrown into the fire from the cliff. But the fire turned to water and the sticks and logs became the fish which are still considered sacred today. Anyone who kills a fish is bound to have bad luck.
So people spend all day feeding them. Hence the ridiculous size they attain

Spent a lot if the day walking around the bazaar. The covered alleyways are split into sections : clothes, shoes pots and pans.
Alleyways where men hammer away making decorative tin plates or tailors toil over 50 year old sewing machines

Nearby I saw men scouring recently skinned sheep hides. Bales of wool hung up for sale. A man on a motorbike with a trailer full of cows’ heads
It feels like another place in time

Today I visited the cave where some believe Abraham was born.
Tomorrow I start to walk Abrahams Path





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