On the road again

For the last couple of days I’ve been walking part of Abrahams Path in Southern Turkey
It’s the idea of 3 Harvard University academics with the aim of bringing the 3 Abrahamic faiths together.
They also want Western hikers to bring economic benefits to some of the poorest villages in Turkey.

The path goes through Kurdish areas where some families live on a dollar a day

You stay with local people and some of the money you spend goes directly to them. And they need it.
Illiteracy and incidents of domestic abuse are rife.
So I’ve been staying with local families and the hospitality has been humbling.
The path goes through Gobleki Tepi
No, I’ve never heard of it either

The German archaeologist who gave me an interview explained how it’s changing our understanding of ancient religion
They’ve unearthed large monoliths not unlike that thing in2001 space odyssey.
But instead of emitting ear splitting noises that drive apes crazy , these are covered in carvings of animals

And men

With what the information board describes as “greatly exaggerated male penises”
Nothing ever changes I guess
Stone Age Carver 1:” er, Uggie, is that thing strictly accurate ?”
Uggie:” “of course, doesn’t yours dangle below your knees?”
Stone Age Man 1:”err yeah of course…just wanted to check …”
We stayed at Yuvacali , the home of our 20 year old guide Fatih
Behind his house is a large mound which turns put to be at least as old as Gobekli Tepe. It’s never been properly excavated although the authorities carried out a sort of dig when they carved a road up to the summit when they put a village water tank up there
A nice gesture you’d have thought.

But they had to do something. Because the river that presumably helped establish this village 12,000 years ago had gone, victim of another dam project

Driving the track to the summit of that mound has uncovered pottery , flints, bits of Roman walls.

What treasures must lie awaiting a proper dig

Currently in Istanbul. Crazy city




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