Happy Birthday Buddha

And happy Enlightenment Day. And Happy, er death.
Apparently they are all celebrated on the same day

I seemed to have arrived in Kuala Lumpur on the holiest day of the year for Buddhists.
And boy do know how to celebrate in a non alcoholic way.
There I was lying on my bed in a hostel (10 quid a night thank you very much) when I heard the sound of music and chanting
Looking out the window I saw hundreds – thousands – of people walking alongside floats decorated with animals, Statues of Buddha and Buddhist symbols including , rather disconcertingly, swasticas.

Monks sprayed water over anyone praying and thousands of walkers carried lotus lights.
Free water and fruit juices were given out by volunteers.
I asked one of the organisers how far they’d walked that might
12km with 3 to go.

At which point I made my excuses and left
A lovely sight. My mood darkened only by the huge rats foraging among the rubbish by my hostel.




2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Buddha

  1. Hitler stole the swastika symbol from them. It was theirs first. Hahaha. I love reading about your travels!

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