Elephants and Tigers

I leave Kuala Lumpur with some good and bad memories that will stay with me and find myself 300 km north after a six hour drive.

We’re hunting elephants in the jungle. Well, tracking them to be precise.

I’m with a group of researchers studying Malaysian elephants for a piece due to be broadcast on BBC Radio 4
We’re living in a house up country for a week and yesterday we travelled for an hour across a lake to reach an elephant salt lick

We replaced batteries in remote cameras and – keeping up with the previous guano theme – spent a good hour or so tearing elephant dung apart to check for seeds

Then we moved to a hot sulphur spring at another location where elephants are known to gather

Today I interviewed local farmers about their elephantine experiences and on Thursday we go back into the jungle to track them

I’m not quite sure how close we are supposed to get because they say if you are on foot and see an elephant …then you are too close

They also have tigers here
And snakes
And scorpions




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