Sad to say


I must be on my way (as Shane Magowan once memorably wrote)

I leave behind some truly inspirational young people who are dedicated to protecting wildlife.

They will laugh if they read this, but the treks they routinely make into the jungle are a serious physical challenge.

Tricky ravine crossings, leeches, Mosquitos , bee assaults , the faint possibility of elephant attack and the demands of a long hike in enervating heat.

And all done with a great sense of humour and tolerance for a clumsy idiot like me who doesn’t know where he is it what he is doing

The University of Nottingham should be very proud of them

I will miss them and suspect they will miss me. But for different reasons.

In their case I think I have provided much unintended humour
From grabbing hold of a viciously spiked tree trunk for extra grip to taking a tumble down the side of a muddy hill
But the most comical moment came when I went to interview a tribal elder in his remote village.
Asian tribespeople tend to be on the small side,see
So how was I to know that the tree trunk propping up his roof would be low enough to smack against my bald head, causing YET ANOTHER cut.
And then the lovely Ange came to my aid by spraying something on to the wound.
Which stung.
Which in turn led to me hopping around the hut of a local elder swearing and cursing in my best Anglo Saxon while everyone else tried ( and failed) not to snigger.

Oh well am now on a diesel fume filed bus with ripped seats and battered bodywork heading north to Penang and Langkawi.


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