Raindrops keep falling

I am aware that I have been bragging to friends back home about the weather here.
Well the chickens well and truly cane home to roost today.
It’s rained most days but normally there is an intense downburst and it’s over
Today it rained all day Stop and start. Usually it stopped when I managed to find some cover
And started when I was out in the open trying to get to another of Georgetowns attractions
I did manage to find shelter under an awning in Little India but it was next to a video store which kept playing loud music on two speakers next to me
It was like bring stuck in a never ending Bollywood musical scene.
But it did at least allow me to observe the behaviour of the chap with the Indian wedding shop across the road

Several times he emerged from the doorway , rang some tiny handbells and lit incense sticks and little piles of paper on the pavement
I assumed he was appealing to the Gods. Begging them to stop the rain so the customers would come, presumably

Didnt work cos I’m writing this in the magazine of Fort Cornwallis built on the site where Francis Light landed in 1786 and declared this to be British territory.
Ah the good old days when you just sailed up river , stuck a flag in the ground and nicked someone’s country.
Actually there was a bit more to this. Light was an illegitimate son of a Suffolk woman who was mysteriously adopted by a wealthy landowner in Melton
No one really knows why. I suspect I do..
Light is put through school , becomes a naval officer and then the sort of freebooting adventurer who made the East India company the economic powerhouse it was. and by doing so he expanded the jolly old Empire.
He ends up fighting the local Sultan here because the sultan was miffed the British wouldn’t help him fight the Siamese
Well the Siamese were huge trading partners and making a lot of Brits very rich so that plan was going nowhere
The brief war ended with an agreement that the Brits get Penang and the Sultan gets six thousand Spanish dollars a year
Oh and all the slaves who escaped during the conflict are returned to their owners
Got to love the old days eh? Profit before freedom

There’s a bronze statue of Light in the fort. It was cast in Burton in 1936 and was based on the features of his grandson
One part is missing though.
The sword was nicked by the Japanese when they invaded in ww2 and melted down to help make weapons
What goes around ….




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