On the buses

No one here minds being an hour late or even two.
But six ?
The “luxury” coach journey from Penang heading east towards the Perhentian Islands would take up to 8 hours – or so I was told

Ha ha ha
14 hours later we pulled up at the destination -the jetty in Kuala Besut
The driver just seemed to stop randomly at out of the way places
A garage where he hopped down to chat with some mates.
They all jumped on board to point at the dashboard and then jumped off again. Away we went.
Then the were the numerous occasions where he would just stop.
Then wait for 10 minutes while nothing happened. Then drive for 100 yards. Pull into a rest station while all the locals began the laborious process of standing up,arguing sitting down, standing up, walking up and down the aisle, getting stuff out of the lockers , sitting down, getting up and then deciding to disembark.

Every little stop stretched into a 30 minute drama
When we arrived at Kula Besut my stop for a ferry he drove straight by the jetty

It was only because I was monitoring the trip on my GPS that I knew he’d gone wrong.
It was then that the driver admitted to me he was an emergency stand in and didnt know the route
Which is why it took 14 hours instead of 8



2 thoughts on “On the buses

  1. Hahhahha, brings back bright memories from our travel back to Singapore from Alor Setar.. Took 5 hours to make first 100 km, Suvi was totally on the point of losing it.. I had fewer so I was happy to sleep all the way. But yes, timetables aren’t very reliable over there. I was trying to stay in holiday mood: it’s the travelling, not the destination 😉

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