Love in a bus

Another epic bus journey lasting nine hours brings me across plains and mountains to Inle Lake

More on that another time

But I wanted to post on the bizarre Burmese music videos that play NON STOP on a big screen above the driver.
Today I was forced to watch highlights of a guy I assume is Burma’s biggest “rock star”
He’s about 60. With grey hair and appalling teeth.
Voice isn’t that bad though, if you like your Burmese music in a high register
They showed highlights of his beach front concert. And it was packed out
I thought Johnny Hallyday was odd.
But he’s musical heaven compared to the bloody videos they show incessantly.

Always the same
Moonstruck boy meets girl. She either dumps him or turns out to be married etc
Boy walks around fields/sea shore and in one case a DIY store looking sad and distracted
Staring into the middle distance
Then he goes to her house/place of work and tries to give her a flower/gift.
Usually that happens in the rain and he is inevitably rejected. So he stands on the rain….looking into the middle distance
This happens in every video. . In one of them a guy actually dies of a broken heart and comes back as a ghost…and gets rejected again


Who dies of a broken heart?


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