Back in the Hills

Apart from the on board musical entertainment, the bus journey from Bagan to Inle lake in the Shan province was another moment to treasure.
You head east along the plains and flooded fields where farmers still plough driving teams of white oxen across the red earth
As you climb higher into the jungles and mountains the villages become scarce.
The houses are made from bamboo and palm leaves. I saw kids pedalling on an ancient water pump to get drinking water.
A school football match where all the players were wearing the longhyi skirts.
After four hours we stopped for a meal in a lonesome village
I had rice , pork , a Mandalay beer and a Mandalay Rum (the waiter asked if I wanted the kind of people)

It cost me three quid
Which means maybe I won’t run out of cash and be stranded here forever
Because that would be a terrible thing ..


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