Knock, knock

Who’s there?

The gaoler …

I say I say I say

Have you heard the one about the two comedians who made a joke about the Government – and ended up doing five years hard labour?

No Neither had I until the other day

They’re called the Moustache brothers (although the third member is a cousin)

Famous in Burma as alternative comedians , this extravagantly moustachioed trip were invited to perform before Aung San Suu Kyi in 1996.

They already had a reputation for satirising the regime but this time they went too far

After drawing lots, one of them made a joke essentially branding government workers as thieves.

With a huge sense of humour failure that was not difficult to predict, the government arrested and sentenced two of them to seven years in jail

They served five after an international outcry.

Now they spend their days performing their act (a mixture of satire, slapstick , vaudeville and dance) for tourists in a concrete garage

They were released on condition they didnt perform in Burnese again So now one of then entertains the audience in English

God knows what they used to do in the dark days because the act pulls no punches today

Government officials, police , the generals are all lampooned with much emphasis on alleged corruption from the lowliest traffic cop to the highest levels of Government

You wonder how they get away with it until their front man explains that the presence of tourists every night affords them some protection

One of the more unintentionally amusing highlights is a video shown of Hollywood supporters

Out of nowhere up pops Sylvester Stallone who claims with a straight (if surgically altered) face that his last Rambo movie was really a commentary on political situation on Burma at the time

Over footage of Rambo wiping out dozens of Burnese soldiers at point blank range, we are told that this was Stallone’s contribution to the campaign for democracy in Burma

Thanks for all you’ve done for world peace , Sly


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