Thank you and good night

Let’s get it right this time

First:my family
Who had the belief to let me go wandering for 3 months when I should be getting a job.
Thank you. Xx

I know from comments ive had that everyone else i mention reads this blog from time to time so :

Mr John Millnik : A young man who will one day do great things. You read it hear first.
John.., thanks for being a mate in Bangkok when I was on the point of losing it. And sorry I was so quiet.

Lulu and Sean : what a lovely platonic couple. Sean literally carrying Lulu when she couldn’t walk. Lu Lu : Do you really know how much he is devoted to you? Thanks for the motorbike tours and the hot springs

Erica and Gregor. Thanks for a fun night in Yangon. Was he really a drug baron? (I’m writing this in the sky Bar – and Gregor – its 5000 for a Myanmar beer! And the expat night in The Strand was interesting! ( Dont forget i want an invitation to wedding. )

Colin: kanchanaburi : not my best place. But thanks for your companionship i hope you find peace

Brian in Kanchanaburi : go back and find her.

Usman: I know you don’t speak English but your fish farm accountant does and he has this blog address. I hope he tells you how much I owe you for rescuing me in the hills when I was lost I have never been so happy to hear a truck …

Abdul : I was on the point of quitting in the hills and had spoken no English for 3 days Can’t remember the village name but thanks for finding me food and a room and football on the TV

Therese, Steve, Pete and Roger. Yes we were an odball group but it seemed to work. Born To Be Wild!

Roger…I finally remembered the resemblance. Jaret Reddick : Check him out.

Martyn the Czech “kid” : thanks for showing me how to dodge the tourist fees… we fought the law – and won !

Maxim: are you still wandering ? Are you still alive ?

The young French couple on the Perenthian islands. Is the money still lasting ?

Akexander the Great and Greater : thanks for the tea on my first night on the trail when I thought I’d made a terrible mistake. But I did warn you it was muddy …..

Martina: have you stopped laughing yet ? 🙂

The Aussie couple and their Dutch friend who took me to that “nightclub” I remember giving you the blog address but buggered if I can remember your names! But it was ….surreal !

Trude: No matter where , there’s always someone from Holland ! Penang was fun
Fatih on Abrahams Path

And finally …to that petty minded twat of a railway clerk who refused to sell me a ticket at 4am in Mandalay because I didn’t have US dollars …you were the only jerk i met in Burma (ok so he doesn’t read this blog but I wanted to vent my spleen)


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