A Rose by any other name

Santa Rosa de Viterbo

If it weren’t for the actions of a Turkish pedlar with a shaky grasp of Catholic theology, this place would be called Santa Maria.

They built a church here and , as they were about to open it, someone realised they had no statue of the Virgin.
So the hapless pedlar was asked if he had a statue for sale

“Er, yes I have just the thing ” he replies pulling a statue from his backpack before quickly heading on his way…
The priest then announces to the conned congregation that this is in fact not Our Lady but is instead the likeness of Santa Rose de Viterbo

It’s a decent enough little town

I’ve spent the day here recovering.
Yesterday I walked 30km and ended up footsore and completely knackered

That was 10km further than I had planned. I’d expected to hitch hike the last stretch

Fat chance. Brazilian drivers are even worse than the Greeks
I tried for an hour before giving up
At one point I reached a clearing where the track crossed the road.

A bus pulled up, disgorging a single passenger: a forestry worker.
I screamed at the driver to wait.
He looked at me, mouthed something, closed the door and drove off
I was left by the side of the road screaming obscenities of the most foul kind and jumping up and down on my hat like Steve Martin in Planes Trains and Automobiles
I gave the forestry worker a furious glare and headed off. Two hours later I limped into São Simao. Blisters popping, hips creaking and calf muscles tweaking
Not a happy bunny

PS It’s illegal to pick up hitchhikers here