I certainly don’t pretend to be an expert at this travel lark

But I have learned a few things.
Perhaps the best investment you can make is a travel plug – for sinks and baths so you can wash your filthy socks

After having your first wet shave in five years under no circumstances absent mindedly apply mosquito repellent containing 90 per cent DEET. Cos if you do the hotel will ring with your screams.

When in a local bar dont ask the barman to recommend the best caipharana.
What’s he gong to do ? Bring you the 20 Real one or the 40 Real one ?

One thing I have learned.
When things are bad just hang on in there.

The other day I’d had enough.
Thirty km was clearly too much for me
My feet were blistered. The trail was boring

Today I walked 15k.in beautiful country.
Those sodding cane plantations are a distant memory

Im staying at a farmstead in banana and coffee country
Eagles or some such circle on thermals
The sunset was kaleidoscopic. And the night sky is the most spectacular I’ve seen. Ever

And I’m sharing the place with is a good natured bunch of Brazilian mountain bikers. The first I’ve seen on the trail

One of them is a cop who’s just retired at the age of 45

Hes doing this to thank God he made it safely to the end of his career.

So to tonight all is well with my world

Now watch some git screw it up