All work and no play

A line from one of my favourite horror films

For a while last night it felt like I’d wandered on to the set of The Shining

A hotel high in the hills. A favourite for parascenders.  Lots of rooms. But no guests. Just me

The owner was a pleasant enough lady but as I ate my soup alone in a restaurant that I’m assuming  normally echoes with the sound of adrenaline junkies , I felt oddly uneasy.

I Dont know if its the altitude (I clmbed 500 m yesterday). Or simply the season but everything in the room felt damp. Even the bed clothes

And it’s the most expensive place Ive stayed. But at 21quid for a room with  ensuite shower evening meal,,beers and breakfast , I shouldn’t complain

A few people have asked me what the landscape is like

I suppose at the start , if you replaced the sugar cane with oil seed rape it would be like walking in the Vale of Belvoir

Yesterday it was like entering the Lake District with short stretches of forest.  Electric blue butterflies , yellow and bright green birds ( beautiful plumage )

I have ,however been warned to keep an ear out for snakes. Yes, an ear.

Rattlesnakes apparently.