Country Roads

The latest stage of The Caminho da Fe sees me in a town called Ouro Fino

Now I may have completely misunderstood  but I think this place is the Brazilian equivalent of Nashville.

As you enter the city you are confronted by a gigantic statue of a local rustic lounging on an equally gigantic farm gate


As near as I can make out there’s a famous Brazilian song about this kid and the gate that seems to have spawned a whole genre of music.

Ah the misery of Country and Western. If you play their records backwards your wife and dog return and you get the farm back

There’s a lot I could say about today’s jovial hike.
I think I saw a toucan. And a dead Coral snake that – had it been alive – could have been capable of killing me in 20mins
Actually it cam kill you in the second it takes to strike  I suppose. It just takes 20 minutes for the venom to paralyse your nervous system so you suffocate

Most of the time here I’m in a  somewhat rural location. Get bitten by one of those buggers and I might just as well sit down on a rock and rage and scream about the unfairness of life till the final curtain comes down. Which is pretty much what I do most of the time anyway

The joy at reaching a decent hotel was wrecked by the Shower Incident

There were three taps,see.

It took 5 mins before I got a semblance of warmth.

Then I fiddled with the left tap bearing the letter Q. Why?

I have no bloody idea

It got very hot very quickly so I turned it back. No change. Still scalding

So I adjusted the one on the right. No change to either temperature or flow.
How is that possible?

I messed with the third tap. Which fell off and landed on my toe

Then I tried to direct the Shower head away from my body so at least my tender bits wouldn’t get scalded. And that fell off as well

I gave up. Leaving the cubicle covered in soap suds

I am now at a great restaurant. Marred only by the fact that a party for a 13 year old girl and her mates is taking place at the adjacent table.

They keep showing pics on their phones of that band…

No Direction ?