Guns and Poses

It was quite disconcerting really .

One moment I’m looking at a samba band on stage: all wearing hats made out of banana leaves , leaping around like idiots and generally having a great time

Then I glance to my immediate right and there are three armed cops monitoring the increasingly sweaty and boisterous crowd

And when I say armed , I mean armed. Not those little sidearm pistols but bloody great automatic rifles

Crime and security are a big issue here though I have to say that in a little under 2 months I’ve not personally witnessed anything bad

But the TV bulletins are full of it.

The other night I saw coverage of a hapless motorist who was pulled from his car after committing some unspecified crime (unspecified cos I couldn’t undetstand the commentary)

He was unceremoniously bundled under the parcel shelf of a police car no bigger than a Renault Clio

Whatever it was he’d done, he won’t be doing it again any time soon

Largely because – if I understood the captions – he seems to have disappeared

There was an interview with a senior policeman in which he probably said there would be a full independent inquiry.

Shame I won’t be here to find out what happened to him


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