From Baltic to Atlantic. Walking the world’s most northerly pilgrimage trail

I don’t mind admitting yesterday was one of those tough days everyone experiences on long walks

Sitting in a deserted restaurant after a wet day on the trail knowing that the night will be spent in an equally deserted hostel,  will dampen the spirits of any traveller

But then: I get invited to take Fica ( afternoon tea with coffee and cake) with two inspirational young women who are trying to help local people reap the benefits of tourism in this beautiful part of the country

Their website hires local people as Friends.  You can play golf, go fishing  or  head into the forest  and pick  berries and mushrooms and learn where the bears and moose live.  In total safety.  



And this morning was just as rewarding

Walking down a lonely road I met three Syrian refugees.  Young lads who were friendly and full of life.   One gave me a friendship bracelet to wear on the journey (more about refugees here in another post)

I was bragging about my long distance walk but then shut my big mouth when they told me they walked here from Greece


Then I bumped into a Swedish international skiier out for a short walk.


Then  I crossed  longest wooden bridge in Swden (130 metres) and ate breakfast in the forest surrounded by mounds which housed the graves of iron age farmers


I’ve had worse days I guess.


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