In the footsteps of a Viking Saint. Day 9. #Sweden #Travel


See that perplexed look on this statue of a pilgrim ?

That’s me,  that is –  after a challenging day in the forest and  arriving  in the village of Pilgrimstad only to learn that the only hostel is closed cos the owners are on holiday.  In May

But once again the locals have come to my rescue and a family who overheard my plaintive whining in a restaurant have taken pity on me and given me a bed for the night

As the name implies,  this village was an important stop on the pilgrim highway to Norway. Inevitably there’s an Olaf spring here with curative powers
A wooden chapel for baptisms and marriages was built nearby in recent years from money left in the will of a Mr Olafsson.  Which has a nice sense of history. 


I love these local legends.  My up and down track through the forest took me past a cave used as a hideout by a 15th century murderer. And there was also a spooky cabin deep in the woods. Anyone seen Blair Witch project ?


One sad story is told of a local priest at Mordviken (murder bay) who so incensed the pagans with his zeal that they rowed him out to a rock in the middle of a lake and left him to starve

Just one slight flaw in this cunning plan. 
The priest could swim  

He made a break for freedom and swum ashore. Where the locals beat him to death

Which seems not only cruel but rather unsporting


3 thoughts on “In the footsteps of a Viking Saint. Day 9. #Sweden #Travel

  1. Hej Bob!

    I finally had time to read some of your posts, I’ve been walking one day behind you and heard about you along the way, just like you I don’t see any other pilgrims (except for a cycling pilgrim who started from his home maybe 10 km after Selånger, I’d been invited in for tea or coffee at his place so I knew he’d be coming along.
    It has been great fun to follow your name written on dirt roads along the Way 😀
    Especially on those stretches where I’d also been singing to scare off bears in the deep, dark forest! Good to see a sign made by a human after that!

    I’ll probably stay two nights at Camp Viking (just because I can….) so will now be two days behind you. And I fly home from Östersund on friday to come back in July and walk the rest (Canadian pilgrim living in Sweden since forever)
    Good to get the info that I can’t stay at the hostel in Pilgrimstad, thanks!

    1. Hi. Thanks for your post. I write in the sand in Brazil and thought I’d do the same here. Yes this can be lonely. Tfe stretch from revsund to pikgrimstad was a lpain. Give my regards to peta and andrea at camp Viking. Lovely people. I’m in ostersubd tomorrow night if you want to cheat and get a bus for a beer. !,

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