In the footsteps of a Viking Saint. Day 10.

I lost my sunglasses on the trail  yesterday

Normally that wouldn’t be a problem. Because it’s rained or been overcast. . But yesterday and today it’s been hot and sunny.

The main problem is some of the roads are limestone and in the sun they can be somewhat bright.

So in order to counter the glare , I pulled my wide brimmed hat down over my eyes. This meant for the first time in 10 days I missed a signpost

Which in turn meant I walked two kilometres in the wrong direction. It’s the first time I’ve gone wrong in 10 days but it still left me cursing and ranting on a lonely forest road

Came across another local legend today.  In the villlage of Halsta the Viking residents so disliked Christianity that they decided to thresh their grain on Xmas day as the Christians celebrated

Which must be a classic case of cutting off your nose to spite your face

“Ha that’s showed them they must feel really insulted and stupid , sitting there eating that big feast while we work all day long in the barn ”

“Yeah Erik nice one.  But can we, like, have a bit of a rest now we’ve humiliated the Christians?”

“No.  Keep sweating . Harder. Lets pile on the humiliation”

In any case it seems to have backfired rather badly  as the Viking farm was “buried under the earth ” in retribution




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