Moose (Elk ?) Images from the world’s most northerly pilgrimage route

Any idea what this guy is making in his front garden?


This is one in situ


Does this help ?


Yup. Basically it’s a killing tower. To shoot moose.

All along the trail I’ve seen husky type dogs locked up in pens beside houses.  These Jamthunds as they are called,  drive the moose towards strategically placed towers in the forest where hunters wait with rifles

And, goodness me , the  hunting season is big business.

I’m told they shoot a staggering  90,000 to 100,000 moose in just a few short weeks.  That’s around a third or a quarter of the entire population

It’s such a national occasion that schools even close during the season. You are well advised to wear bright clothing if you venture into the woods to avoid being mistaken for a moose

Moose run free , though sadly I’ve yet to see one.

From time to time there have been discussions on domesticating them.  King Karl XI even proposed a cavalry regiment  of battle moose but we are told the plans “came to nothing”

That’s not surprising because they have excellent  hearing and are likely to run in the opposite direction of cannon fire.  They say moose are stupid but that sounds eminently sensible to me.  

There was also an ill fated plan to use them for postal deliveries

I have a hard time getting my head round the sheer scale of the slaughter
They say numbers need to be culled and they can do a great deal of damage to the forestry industry by eating young trees

One farmer tried using scarecrows but the moose contemptuously kicked them down.  Not so stupid after all

I’m definitely queasy at the thought of the killing of so many magnificent animals. Intuitively I’m against hunting

But then again I’ve just eaten a moose lasagne.

It tasted like…Moose


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