Crossing over. And another Olav story. #Norway #Sweden

Finally crossed over into Norway today. I left the modern road I’ve been for two days and forked left….following the trading route that goes back even before the Vikings

It wound its way past the treeline and up over a landscape that reminded me of the Dark Peak back home.  Only on a much  bigger scale , fringed with snow capped hills


The old road is a sort of causeway really…giving a solid raised path through ground made waterlogged by melted snow


Fur traders used this road. Olav and his men trod this same path. As did the army of King Charles  XII…the same army that would die in the snow on their return

Last night I slept in a room with the graves of several of these men literally outside my window


Security at the border wasn’t what you’d call watertight.  It was just a pile of stones with a slate marker on top


I’ve reached Sul. A place mentioned in Snorri Sturlusons tale of Olav’s last journey

Olavs men flattened a field of crops just up the road from my cabin



The farmer – somewhat bravely in my opinion – complained to the Viking chief

Olav took the farmer to the field where Snorri tells us the crops were miraculously recovered

I suspect reality was rather different.

Olav probably drew the complaining farmer close and asked him to describe the scene

“Well as you can see all my barley,  Highness   has been destroyed”

“No no. It looks fine to me. A magnificent field of ripening crops….unless you think I am mistaken,” says Olav once again caressing his battle axe

“Now you mention it,” says the farmer (rather regretting he ever brought up the subject) “I think things aren’t that bad”

Another miracle attributed to our warrior king


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