Clueless. Mishaps on Day 30 of a 580 km trek across #Sweden and #Norway

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again

When things aren’t going so well just hang in there. Cos they always get better

Yesterday should have been a simple  17km stage. But once again the Olavesleden cut through thick forest .
The constantly undulating path twisted and turned through the trees and the  drizzle made the exposed tree roots and rocks dangerously slippery



The inevitable happened.  On one steep section my footing gave way. There was an audible crack from somewhere arouvd my ankle and I  was pitched head first into the undergrowth at the side of the track.

The water in my Camelback pouch also spilled out , leaving me soaked and covered in twigs and moss.

I lay there for a few seconds convinced I’d broken something. As it happens I don’t think I have but it hurts and there is an ominous swelling

I limped on…My fellow pilgrim Linette was so far ahead she was unable to help – or more importantly she was unable to listen to me complaining and swearing with every step.

My mood was not improved when I had to climb a series of fences topped with barbed wire

I was so exhausted by the time I reached the fourth fence that II rested my head on the top in mid climb

This resulted in (and I’m not making this up) an unseen part of the barbed wire puncturing the inside of my left nostril. Blood everywhere.

But you know me..I struggled on without a word of complaint……..

And how in the name of all that’s holy did I get blisters on my hand ?
Actually I know the answer…it was using walking poles in an attempt to prevent further falls
I must have looked like some giant arthritic spider as I stumped along

Things did improve when I met some lovely people from a local church who had  held a service in the forest.
They are also responsible for maintaining the signs on this part of the trail. God bless them.

And one couple invited us to stay with them. So instead of sleeping in wet tents we had a hot shower,  a great meal and – for the first time in a month – some wine . All this in a beautiful house overlooking Trondheim fiord

We stayed up til the early hours talking culture and history.  A great night with lovely people

I’m just 14km from journey’s end.  It’s the last day.  I’m going to get there even if I have to crawl


4 thoughts on “Clueless. Mishaps on Day 30 of a 580 km trek across #Sweden and #Norway

  1. Oh Bob!! The ups and downs of a walk with Walker! If only you could have my couch to 5k app style chatter to boost you on those last kms! You’re so close to the end, you’re doing really well. Did you think that you’d be achieving this when you started out? (Ok we’ll ignore the near broken ankle, pierced nostril and blistered hands) here’s hoping you will have a massive welcome home from loved ones when you get back! (At least a pint of the very best beer and some lovely cake – my god I am sounding like Sarah Millican now!!)

    1. Ha. I never ever assume I’ll make it. Too many things can go wrong…in my case at least. Welcome home? I’ve got lots of DIY to do…I bought a coffee and chocolate muffin on last leg today. Cost me £7

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