Blind courage.  day 4 on the #Viafrancigena

I’ve been out of Wi-Fi contact – or indeed any kind of contact – since the long climb from Sivizzanno all the way to the Passo Della Cisa.

I did more climbing on that single day than I did on the entire St Olaf trail across Sweden.

Today was the 4th on the Via and I’ve crossed from Emilia Romagna into Tuscany

 I’ve pitched up in the beautiful town of Pontremoli…one of Siggi the Serious ‘  stopovers .

It was also owned at one point by one John of Bohemia who had the misfortune of going blind on his 40s.

For reasons I can’t quite grasp John (who was Czech) ended his days fighting for the French against us at the Battle of Crecy in 1346.

legend tells us John was determined to swing a few blows..and directed his men to tie their horses bridles together so they’d be at his side.

I can’t help thinking reality may have been somewhat different in the face of what turned out to be lethal English (and Welsh ) longbow men 
“OK lads  I can’t see a bloody thing but just point me in the direction of these English bastards. I know they can pierce our armour from 1,000 yards  but let’s show em how we Czechs can fight 

“are we scared lads , of course not…”Lads ?

Lads ???



One thought on “Blind courage.  day 4 on the #Viafrancigena

  1. Thanks for your posts, very inspiring to follow your walk (and for the st Olav’s trail, I guess you mean Norway 😆)
    Walk well and thanks again!

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