Hot. In Italy. In July. go figure.  Day 10 on the #ViaFrancigena

In aware that complaining about the heat in Tuscany in July is akin to a sailor complaining that the sea is wet ..but boy was it hot today.  And that’s my last mention of the heat.

Foul mood today.  Had a great night in the hostel with fellow pilgrims Dominico, Kevin and Rebecca.

The first two are frankly supermen sustaining a pace beyond my powers.  so they’ve moved on after Dom cooked a great meal last night while I guzzled one Euro beers Kevin got from the shop.

 Dom, being Italian , has been phoning ahead to book  accommodation.  I shall miss that expertise. Sooner or later I’m going to turn up in a place that’s fully booked.

I tried to order a cheese sandwich the other day.   What I actually ordered was bread with a church on it.   Cue guffaws of laughter in a packed shop. I’d forgotten the Italian for cheese.   

Today’s haul from Lucca to Altopascio should have been avshort stretch.  but there was no shade and it felt much longer 

I also think I have bed bug bites .   So I was not in a good place.

The hostel is packed….more walkers are joining the trail late on. I can only imagine the annoyance this must cause young people like Kevin who began in Canterbury. 

Oh….irs almost 7.  Nearly tine for bed 

Here’s a picture of a church …


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