Hunting the hare.  Songs on the #Viafrancigena #Travel 

Yesterday was, to be frank , a challenging day 

A short stretch to Altopascio but it was largely on asphalt past industrial estates jockeying for space with bloody great trucks 

The sun bouncing off white walls of houses didn’t help.

But I tried to cheer myself by belting out my Greatest Hits of the Caminos (not available in any shop at all) They included my standard Fields of  Athenry and Whisky in the Jar 

So how coincidental that in having drinks with fellow pilgrims an italian lady should start playing YouTube hits of her son’s band The Old Goats

They’re from Pisa but dress like 19th century Irish emigrants. 

And if you’ve never heard a bunch of Italian lads singing Irish standards – well you haven’t lived 

It was with with delight I led the piazza in a few verses of Rocky Road to Dublin (hard enough to sing even if English is your first language ) and my job was unbounded when Wild Rover was next.  Brought back memories of my rugby days 

I got quite emotional.


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