Fire down below. Walking the #viafrancigena through #Italy 

A fee days ago I witnessed the aftermath of a wildfire as I walked through a  charred and smoking wilderness 

Today, from an paralleled viewpoint , I watched this depressing spectacle unfold in front of my eyes.

From the castle tower at Radicofani we were enjoying what is,the most spectacular landscape I’ve ever seen..the rolling Tuscan hills stretching to the horizon.

Then we noticed a puff of smoke about two miles to the west.  It grew. The yellowed grass seem to turn black as we watched.  Then I saw flames…like an advancing army just ahead of the blackened fields.

A fire watchman was co-ordinating the emergency response via radio from the tower.

One helicopter arrived making repeated runs to a pond to scoop up huge containers of water.  but the flames,spread.  Every so often a tree would explode as the fire swept down the valley.

I’ve walked through those woods,and can attest to the variety of wildlife…wild boar,..hawks and livestock as well.

Another helicopter arrived. I was Impressed by the way they constantly flew deep into the blinding smoke to drop their water bombs.

I know they,say fires can lead to regeneration. But after a most enjoyable day it was a little depressing. 


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