What a silly Fugger. Over imbibing on the #viafrancigena

There are many reasons to regret leaving Montefiascone.

The stunning views of Lake Bolsena  and the sunsets from the Pilgrims Tower 

The hospitality of the nuns at the convent.

But mostly it’s the local wine.  Called Est! Est!! Est !!!

The legend says a 13th century German Bishop Johannes Fugger – on his way to the coronation of the Holy Roman Emperor – preferred to lubricate the long stages of his journey.  Like me. 

He sent his servant ahead to identify which places served the best wine with instructions to write Vinum Est Bonum (wine is good ?) On the doors of worthy inns.

The servant – through laziness or a drunken inability to write, abbreviated it to Est.

When he reached Montefiascone the wine was so good he wrote Est!Est!! Est !!!

Not that it did Bishop Fugger any  good. He stayed in Montefiascone and drank himself to death.

For which I have a sneaking admiration. 

But to be honest. He was a bit of a stupid Fugger. 


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