A new challenge

The surly coach driver is speeding down the mountain roads at around 50 mph and I’m thinking , this isn’t good
On cue a bloody great lorry comes around the bend. There’s not enough room for both of us
Our pony tailed driver swings his fully laden coach violently to the right. It smashes against a crash barrier ,the only thing between us and a deep tree-lined ravine.
For a split second I think we’re going over and I’m about to get a mention in one of those slightly Xenophobic news bulletins on the 10 O clock news
“A British man and 35 non entities have been killed in a coach crash in Northern Greece….”
But he regains control and pulls to a halt in a frankly dangerous spot before jumping out to inspect the damage and no doubt reflect upon his continuing employment prospects in a country where decent jobs are somewhat scare right now
He disappears up the road to inspect the spot whee he almost sent us to our doom
For two hours we wait in the blazing sun for the police to arrive.
The boredom is alleviated only by continued desperate inspections of the coach damage (do you think we can polish this out? I hear him thinking)
The police arrive. One looks like an overweight Alexei Sayle . The other is a very attractive blonde.
There is repeated arm waving and gesticulations enlivened by a large Greek woman loudly berating the driver.
Eventually a replacement coach arrives. I neither know nor care what happened to our driver. We left him behind in the dust still waving his arms at the police.
Then I got dropped off in the wrong village





Time for contemplation and thought on the Holy Mountain. Heading off soon to Mount Athos….