Life Imitating Art Did Stephen King predict the rise of Trump?

I’m by far the first person to mention this but…

Many year ago I read a book by Stephen King called The Dead Zone.
The hero, John Smith, has the power to see into the future – and alter it – merely by touching someone.
There’s a populist politician called Greg Stillson who is seeking election. He has protestors who attend his rallies beaten up. He lies, cheats and blackmails opponents.
John bumps into him at a rally on the eve of the election and accidently shakes hands….he is given a nightmarish vision of the future in which he sees Stillson swearing an oath…….

“.. ..It was being administered by an old man with the humble, frightened eyes of a field mouse trapped by a terribly proficient battlescarred barnyard tomcat.
One of Stillson’s hands clapped over a Bible, one upraised. It was years in the future because Stillson had lost most of his hair. The old man was speaking, Stillson was following. Stillson was saying he would do it “So help him God”
His face was solemn , grim even,but a great hot joy clapped in his chest and roared in his brain.
Because the man with the scared field mouse eyes was the Chief Justice of the United States Supreme Court…”

Stillson is unhinged and in the vision, goes on to start a nuclear war.