A terrible day. Battalion diary entry for the 12th Royal Fusiliers. 102 years ago.


Guillemont 1916

Guillemont after the battle . 1916

I’ve been recording the experiences of the 12th battalion Royal Fusiliers 102 year ago. My great uncle took part in the battle for Guillemont which was itself part of the Battle of the Somme.

In August 1916 the fighting around Guillemont and Delville Wood was at its height with both sides inflicting huge casualties  through an almost constant artillery barrage and charge and counter charge across the wasteland – now strewn with corpses.

Yesterday’s entry was very  brief and all the more shocking for that. I imagine the battalion commander would have found it hard to write much more.


Location: Trenches between Delville Wood and Guillemont.

A showery day. Artillery very active. 

Casualties. Killed: 10 OR (Other Ranks). Wounded: 18 OR.  Wounded (Shell shock) 5 OR


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